October 10, 2014: PE

Coach David has handed off the students to myself and I now begin to get to know your students during a once per week, hour long class.  The schedule is unchanging, aiding in dressing for activity.  Monday-Masami, Tuesday-Ariana, Wednesday-Maria, Thursday-Aiyun, and Friday-Zoe.  The most important item of clothing are athletic shoes.

My goal for second grade begins with physical fitness.  I work at moving them from Pre-contemplation  to Action.  When I introduced myself to your child, I set the tone for hard work.  I discussed the fact that I would be asking them to move past there comfort zones in working their bodies to become stronger.  I refer to this concept frequently as I move them through a series of 7 exercises at the start of classes.  Starting today, Maria Lira's class,  I am asking classes to teach the following exercise to the family (since I only get them once per week, it would be terrific if they can find at least one other day per week to work out):  1) Double Jumping Jacks; 2) V-Sits 3) 4-Count Burpees 4) Push Ups 5) Crab Push Ups 6) Superman or Tight Arch and 7) High Knees.  Please refer to this list at some point after today's class and ask your student to show you these exercises.  If you are not clear on them, please ask your child to ask me about them.

Over the last 11 years, I have worked diligently infusing this school with a Running Culture.  Your children have seen the entirety of the student body running laps around Hilltop Block from the playground every year.  It is there turn now to begin this and I want to comment that I have never had a second grade class take to this exercise more enthusiastically and completely as this year.  Yes, it is a bell shaped curve, yes I expect all levels of interest and application.  No I am not seeing a normal distribution, it is highly skewed in the positive.  We are beginning with just over a 1/4 mile run.  Eight laps around the block are roughly 300 feet longer than ONE MILE.  They will currently work on running two laps at the end of the above workout when we meet.  I do not increase this distance at this time of the year.

A major component of my class success is that all students, if they are at school, are understood to be capable of full participation in PE classes.  They can be excused with a note, email, or message from home or if the homeroom teacher documents for me a reason the child is to be kept from physical exertion.  I tell them I can not accept a self report of sickness and/or injury.  I do get a standard resistance from certain students as I work to bring all into the fold of a higher level of exertion.  The unstated peer 'pressure' works wonderfully in this regard.  I use the word "pressure" very lightly.  Any support you can give them to always take the opportunity to work hard and apply themselves to tough PE days is greatly beneficial to them (and myself).  It reinforces the positive nature of working on health.

I look forward to getting to know them better.


Coach Robert Briglia (Brill-ya)