1/30: Music

Hello! First grade is pushing forward into this New Year with lots of songs and games. We have started learning the game Hotspot. In this game, we keep a steady beat by patching, clapping and snapping then students have to say their name and another classmate' s name in time with the beat.

We will soon be progressing to reading rhythmic notations with a similar format. A child will clap their rhythmic card and then clap the card of someone else in order to pass along the rhythm. We are singing and playing games like "Farmer in the Dell" and "Built My Lady".

The musical unit we are currently in is focused on listening with our bodies and minds. In class, we are doing a lot of listening exercises like the robot game where students are guided around the room by the sounds of instruments. Also, we are coming up with stories that fit the musical excerpts we are listening to and we are trying to figure out which instruments we are hearing in those excerpts. It is definitely moving along quickly and I cannot believe it is already February.

Have a great weekend!