Music News from Martha - 5/24

Getting ready to wrap up the year and be prepared for first grade music next year, we are revisiting many of the experiences we had this year. We are reviewing beat and rhythm, dynamics, singing voices, instrument use and care and music lesson expectations. We started talking about meter in terms of duple (beat in sets of 2) and triple (beat in sets of 3) meter. Recently introduced games are still popular so we include at least one in each class. These games include “Bow Wow Wow,” a partner changing game, “Who Has The Penny?,” a solo singing game, “Circle ‘Round the Zero,” a fun, active singing game and “Who’s That Tapping At The Window,” a solo singing/listening game. In our last few weeks we will be focusing on rhythm and hearing “how many claps” various words get (hearing the syllables). This prepares them for note reading in first grade which starts with hearing how many sounds are on each beat.