Music News from Martha - 4/18

Kinders are getting really great at performing both beat and rhythm, and in knowing which they hear. Ask your kinder to explain to you what the difference is between beat and rhythm. We have learned a few new singing games recently, including “Who’s That Tapping At The Window,” “Down Comes Mary,” and “Circle ‘Round the Zero.” The games are fun, plus they get to practice singing voices, beat and rhythm with the songs. They enjoyed bean bag activities which focused on duple and triple meter.

Collaborating with their Unit of Inquiry on Countries, they learned the Spanish song/game from Ecuador, “El Juego Chirimbolo,” and a Korean action song, “Santoki.” We watched a DVD about “Santoki,” were taught the song by native Korean-speaking children, and saw a little of South Korea. We sang our way through the book Bee-Bim-Bop, about the Korean meal of the same name.

Recent books we have used in a musical way include Hush: A Thai Lullaby, No Sleep For The Sheep and There’s a Hole In The Bucket.