Fourth Grade PE Update

As the population ball bounces, this year's fourth grade students find themselves in the largest PE classes. Of the three, the smallest class is 19, the largest is 21, and not one class is the same size. These sizes have some advantages over the smaller classes as it is easier to find combinations of athletes that are well balanced, this not only helps keep frustrations low, it definitely helps the acquisition of skills and strategies in our activities. It can, however, allow for additional challenges of socializing when its not optimal. We had a talk this year on Performance Health. It concerns improving performance through specific training. 'Practice Makes Perfect' is the closes euphemism to this concept. In connect with performance health we reviewed and wrote down our mile times from first, second, and third grade. Using Goal Setting, they set a goal for their fourth grade miles this year. We touched on understanding what goals are, how they are used, and why they are used. The class completes a seven minute workout to strengthen and increase heart rate before running a 1/2 mile almost every class. We expanded our basketball handling and lead in games that involve basketball type moves and strategies. This was in place of no soccer field available this year due to construction. We held a Bean Bag Toss Tournament to practice sportsmanship (and the action of tossing bean bags is a good lead in to serving volleyballs). Not all classes were able to whittle it down to a class 'champion', but they will have the opportunity next year to crown their champion.

Robert Briglia

-- Robert A. Briglia The International School Athletic Director/Instructor