March 20, 2015: PE

We continued on from using jump ropes to another individual activity, juggling scarves.  The central theme being that complex tasks are made up of several smaller components.  I teach the Cascade style of juggling three scarves.  Several of my students picked up this skill well enough to begin breaking down the juggle of three balls into its smaller components also.

I utilized the discussion on smaller components combining to achieve more complex tasks in an analogy with how we have been  running half miles in class in preparation for our upcoming Performance Fitness activity of the Mile Run.  I announced as the second grading period has closed we will now begin the process of building upon our 4 lap run 'unit' into higher lap count runs, greater distance, and increase our stamina and endurance up to a maximum of 16 laps running in our preparations.   After we build the distance, we will back off of distance and work on oxygen processing and recovery, working up to our last workout run of the year being 8 repeat quarter mile runs.  I have previously discussed that this workout is a very high level workout that they would not be able to accomplish at the beginning of the school year.  They are able to complete it at the end because of all the hard work they have accomplished in building up their bodies a bit at a time.

Robert Briglia