March 20, 2015: Art

Beautiful Bonsai Sculptures:

     The 3rd graders have completed their Bonsai Tree Sculptures and they are FABULOUS! The tree deserves a special place in your home. Beside the wonderful fact that they’ll never need water, the trees are beautiful and students made each part with their own hands! The students completed the final steps of the Bonsai project by painting their handmade pottery with glazes of their choosing, combining their tree branches and twisting to create a trunk. For the very last step, they placed the tree into wet plaster and sprinkled real rocks around the tree base.
     Many students were begging to take their Bonsai Tree home that day to proudly display it at home however, I am holding onto all the artwork a bit longer. In a about a month, the students will choose their two best artworks to include in this year’s Art Show. They may decide to choose their Bonsai Sculpture as one of their two best artworks for the year. Also, please come see the 3rd graders beautiful Blue Willow plates on display in Stearns Hall!
New Unit:
      We are onto the unit of inquiry, "Exploring Contemporary Art" and we have begun by learning about how artists sometimes work with fabric as a medium. We are creating our own versions of "Uglydolls". These little plush creatures were first introduced/born from a cute little drawing a husband made at the end of an "I miss you" note. In response, his wife sewed and sent a little stuffed version of his drawing back across an ocean. The couple's friend, who owned a toy store, saw this unique and cute little creature and asked if they could make more to sell. That's how it all started in January of 2001 and the rest is history! The brand they created is distinguished by its definition of the word "ugly." In the "uglyverse," ugly means unique and special, that we should be celebrating what makes us different, never hiding the twists or turns in our personalities that make us who we are, inside and out. In 2006, "Uglydolls" were received the Specialty Toy of the Year award by the Toy Industry Association. Today, Uglydoll designs are still created by this husband and wife team and sold around the world. What a great story!
    The students were able to create some impressively unique and special designs of their very own and this week, students had the chance to begin sewing.  We have reviewed how to thread a needle and tie knots. We have also reviewed/learned two sewing stitches, the whip stitch and straight stitch. We also practiced the skill of drawing a custom template from paper to make a successful design for sewing. Ask your student about their plans their Ugly Doll. What kind and how many of Eyes will it have? What colors of felt did you choose? Which stitches are you using? (Whip and Straight)
Help Needed:
     Please let me know if you’re interested in earning your volunteer hours by helping display student artwork or signing up to help with the Art Show! Thank you for reading and for talking to your child about what they are doing in Art!

Have a Wonderful Spring Break!!!

Sarah Harpole
2nd-5th Grade Art Specialist