Feb 15, 2015: PE

During the conditioning component to class we discussed Maintenance Health and Performance Health.  By maintenance we come to understand that our health is not static.  If we do not perform the right choices about what we eat, how we exercise, and keeping safe, our health can diminish.  I used the analogy of buying a car.  The car needs to be taken care of and maintained to operate correctly over time.  Performance Health is how we train and practice in order to do just that--Perform!  We talk about our biggest performance in PE coming up in May, the Mile Run.  Building endurance and stamina to not just run a distance of a mile but to do it with performing in mind takes building, takes PRACTICE, takes work, and takes determination.

Another discussion we are currently exploring ties in with the school's Program of Inquiry.  The Third Grade students are studying measurement.  We are relating all types of measurements to physical education and sports.

On the skills side, we are into our unit on Jump Ropes.  Individual jumping, long rope jumping (including trying Double Dutch jumping), and trick jumping.  Jumping rope is an excellent compact cardiovascular workout (maintenance health) and used to greatly increase stamina and endurance (performance health).  A great gift anytime, I can recommend a slightly heavier rope being better and more practical than a light, cotton piece of nothing.

Robert Briglia
PE Specialist