Jan 9, 2015: PE

The skills unit we are currently working on is Floor Hockey.  This remains as a favorite activity for a high number of students.  Although they are always 'ready' to jump right into playing hockey games, we first review SAFETY, and skills.  We will move into small sided games when I will attempt to match up athletic temperament/skills with one another.  Hockey looks like two teams of 4 or 5 playing while the other two teams watch from the sidelines.  'Games (or periods) are each 5 minutes in length.  If they do it right, they are very tired after those 5 minutes.  The concept of Invasion Game is stressed and they must actively switch between Offense and Defense continually.  We compare this structure with soccer easily.

During the conditioning routines of the class, I've introduced the concept of Fitness Character.  We take a bit of time to define, Character.  When we arrive at basically, 'Character is who you are when you are not being watched.'  This definition is drawn out and applied to how they feel they are when playing sports and working out during their conditioning.  It is stressed that a person is able to adjust and change their Fitness Character and it is my plan to develop as many students as I can with a Strong Fitness Character.

- Coach Robert