Jan 9, 2015: Library

Third graders have started off the New Year learning about the Dewey Decimal System.  At first, all the numbers seemed confusing! But in fact, it is a number language.  The students could relate to this idea of the system as a language and were eager to explore how each digit in a call number added meaning and specificity.  More than 200,000 libraries in 135 countries use this system. We will continue to build our DDC knowledge through January so the students can be independent library users.

500--Natural Science

590--Zoological Sciences

595--Other Invertebrates




There are three weeks left to complete the reading challenge and gallery project. Please sign your child's reading challenge form and return to the library with his/her project by February 6.  If you are having trouble finding a particular book for the challenge, please email me and I will try to set one aside for your child when it comes in.  Information about the reading challenge is on the library website, including reading lists and project ideas. Thank you all for supporting these great readers!


- Tamara Beecroft