5/1/2014: PE

PE classes at present are fully involved with the distance running. We are arriving at the pinochle of the endurance and stamina building this week. In the past week, most second grade classes completed a 1.5 mile jog. The class I hold following this run is a run of 1 mile. One of the absolute best exchanges I have every year with my students is when they come to this class asking 'How many laps today Coach?', and when I reply "Eight Laps." I get genuinely happy exclamations, "Only eight laps! Yes!" and then they go out and run terrific mile runs of those 8 laps. The first year this happened (10 years ago) I got the biggest satisfaction out of hearing this…it continues to this day.

After we go to the 8 laps, we double that for our longest single run of the year, 16 laps or two miles. This two mile run will happen during the week and will conclude the endurance and stamina building I do with them. We then reduce pure distance into repeated , shorter intervals with short rests in between to finish the training for the mile run on May 19 and 21.

Please double check your PE days and dress them for distance running from the feet up!

Coach Robert