PE 3/21

After floor hockey, we worked on *t* *ossing and * *catching*. My goal is to have students perform a stage three throw, an adult throw. This action is done by transferring their weight from their back leg to front leg in forward motion simultaneously performing an overhand throw. This is carried out while the student rotates his/her trunk around center in the forward throwing motion. I contrast this stage three with a stage one where just the arm comes forward; and then to a stage two where the trunk rotates along with the arm moving forward.

Catching is also discussed in stages but I do not stress the difference between trapping a catch against the body or grasping a catch in the hands. I stress the confidence of catching an object in any manner they can.

You can easily tell how your student performs these activities by playing a game of catch with them. You can ask them to show you a stage three throw and go from there. The very best way to increase the coordination, self-confidence, and skill is to play catch with them. Even indoors with an appropriate pair of rolled up sweat socks or light soft ball is fine.

I feel that catching and tossing a re additive , and the more you do it, the more natural that motion becomes. Some second graders could really use the remedial practice and will greatly benefit from you playing catch with them, plus its enjoyable and easier then taking them running.

I will be doing the run as we have started working on our mile run. More on this later, but be sure they have the proper footwear coming to PE .

Have a great break.

Coach Robert Briglia