2/14: PE

We finished our jump rope unit and moved on to floor hockey.

A word before I leave jump ropes. I had the most productive year yet with the unit. Had many students asking to do more and more jumping, stories of those jumping at home, and parents telling me how much their child is enjoying jumping. A quick plug here for getting your child their own rope.

With floor hockey, we started with the proper safety protocols as well as the handling of the sticks, progressed to a loose and control dribble, a complete turn and then passing and fielding. We are using hockey balls for most of our exercises and in scrimmages we use both a hockey ball and a plastic, hollow puck that slides easily enough on the floor. I am looking for good pursuit of the action in second grade. Not stealing the puck from a team mate, working on both offense and defense and switching quickly between the two sides. It is one of the most popular activities with many of my students.