Nov 21, 2014: PE

We moved on from volley hitting using beach balls to badminton striking.  I have both short handled and regular length racquets for them to get familiar with handling.  I do not concentrate too heavily on the actual game as the action, overall is not too robust.   Instead they have worked to increase how many times they can self-volley, serve forward for distance at height, and finally, extend a rally with a partner or three.

Moving on from badminton striking, I am getting basketballs into their hands.  I work primarily on handling the balls.   We dribble while moving, stationary, with both hands, and experiment with imparting spin on the ball for control.  We complete passing drills using chest passes, bounce passes, and overhand passing.

We have stepped up our daily workouts slightly by increasing the repetitions and durations of the exercises.  With the cool weather, our running is kept indoors.  After the conclusion of exercise they keep their heart rates elevated for a 4 minute jog around the gym.

- Robert Briglia