October 17, 2014: PE

Third grade students will be exposed to the concepts of Performance Fitness and Health Fitness.  Briefly, performance based fitness is one's pursuit of their potentials while health fitness is the maintenance of good health.    Inherent in health fitness are lifestyle choices to promote health  as well as preventing poor health.

The next class activity includes volley hitting and a modified volleyball game.  In second grade, students were able to keep a volley 'alive' even if the ball bounced once.  In third grade, the ball has to stay airborne.

I take the opportunity to exercise my students in a concentrated, high impact workout for the first 15 minutes of every class.  I am compacting the overall time as much  as possible, not allowing full recovery between exercises, and it culminates with a 1/4 mile jog, or jogging in the gym for minutes straight.  Currently 2 minutes and 22 seconds.  No science applied to this odd time, just a target.

Robert A. Briglia
Athletic Director/Instructor