1/10/2014 Art

In connection with the students’ Unit of Inquiry focusing on Celebrations, the second graders traveled in their imaginations to Ghana, Africa to learn about the Adinkra cloth tradition. Adinkra cloth is made by the Ashanti people. Traditionally Adinkra was only worn by royalty. Now everyone can wear it, but only on special occasions. The cloth is decorated with stamps created from carving the calabash gourd. Many different symbols are incorporated into Adinkra cloth and each one means something different. The second graders created symbols for themselves after choosing the learner profile idea that they related to the most. Here is a video showing the printing processused to create Adinkra. The students also learned about warm and cool colors during this unit.

Second graders are also working on glazing their coil pot creations. We reviewed the glazing process, and how the sand in the glaze transforms into a thin layer of glass when it is heated at a high temperature and fired in the kiln. After all the classes have glazed, the pots will be fired in the kiln and the students will be able to take them home!

Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MawceWucCFc