1/10/2014 PE

We are beginning January where we left off in December, jumping rope! I am spending a fair amount of time with the second grade students working on getting them turning and jumping a solo rope. This is a very good, life-long exercise that travels well and provides a time saving workout option. It is an excellent way to build muscle and strengthen the heart while having fun.

I am forgoing our normal routines in PE of core strengthening and running to pursue a higher level of jumping skills with self-turning a rope. Students also jump a long rope turned by two people (or I tie a rope to a door handle and turn myself). The long rope helps with the rhythm of jumping and the 'seeing' of the rope movement. Students will learn to find the timing needed to enter a rope while it is turning and exit jumping while the rope continues to turn. They will run through a turning rope to the other side in both directions. Running through a rope against the direction it is turning requires a hop over the rope like a small hurdle.

Welcome back everyone! Coach Robert