Second Grade Music

We're getting back into the groove in the music room! Everyone gave themselves a new music name the first day, which was a musical way of saying their name coupled with an unforgettable and often gymnastic motion that the whole class gets to do. We learned each music name cumulatively, so by the time everyone's name had been invented, we could then do the sequence of motions with no voices, listening to the remaining sound each motion made. We then took rhythmic name elements and combined them to accompany our next group song game, "Riding in the Buggy Miss Mary Jane."

Using folk songs from around the world, body percussion patterns, books, and nursery rhyme rhythms as raw musical materials, second grade music will be an adventure in gaining independence -singing, composing, and playing independently within the whole ensemble. We're singing in two-part canon now, and throughout the year we will be regularly composing collaboratively in small groups using traditional and non-traditional notation techniques.