Second Grade Art News

We’ve been very busy so far this year in second grade! I like to start all the students off creating a collaborative project.

This project began with a Native American story involving butterflies. In this myth, if an individual catches a butterfly in a gentle, caring way, he or she can whisper a wish to the butterfly. Afterwards, the butterfly will soar to the heavens and tell the gods the wish, and the wish will be more likely to come true! Every student in grades 1-5 designed a symmetrical butterfly. Wrapped up in the scroll-like body of each butterfly is a wish that the student made for the new school year. Come see these butterflies fluttering around Stearns Hall in the next few weeks.

We also started a project in connection with the 2nd grade PYP unit involving communities. I introduced all 2nd graders to the migration of the Vaux Swifts; these small birds make a stop in Portland during the month of September. Simultaneously, we are studying the artwork of John James Audubon, one of the most famous American wildlife artists. The students are focusing on their drawing skills and learning about value in art. They will go on to create a full-color study of a bird of their choice. Julie is planning a viewing of the Swifts on Monday, September 23! Here are the details:

Where: Chapman School, 1445 NW 26th Ave.

When: Monday, September 23

Time: 6:15PM - 7:45PM

Event will be cancelled in the event of rain

RSVP if you ARE able to come so Julie has some idea of how many families will participate, or if you have questions send them to Julie.