Summer Reading Time! (from Tamara - 6/7)

It is important for students to keep reading over the summer! You should have received, or will shortly receive, a summer reading packet from the library through your child's classroom teacher. Here's the scoop:

Old-fashioned book pockets and library cards will be sent home with each student. Read, be read to, or listen to an audiobook version of at least 13 books of your choice over summer vacation. At least three of the books must be in the target language! Record the title of the books you read on the library card in your book pocket. Bring the library card and book pocket to school in September and turn in to the librarian for a surprise! If you would like book recommendations, click here.  If you would like to read books online, click here.

The library is now closed for new check-outs. If you have any materials at home, in the car, cubby or backpacks, please return them to the library. Thank You! 

Have a Wonderful Summer!