Art News from Julie - June 7

The first graders have been focusing on drawing trees. I drew a typical “lollipop” tree on the whiteboard and asked if this is what a naturalistic tree looks like. All the first graders agreed that trees have more details. At first we drew trees from photographs, then we went outside and sketched real trees from nature. I read the students part of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and asked them if they have ever climbed a tree before. We exchanged stories about special trees, and the students became trees using movement and imagination. Then, I asked the first graders to transform themselves into trees through drawing; hair became leaves and arms grew long into branches. Some students have birds and other animals living in their branches while other students built tree houses or added tire swings. It was a good experience for them to contemplate becoming a different type of living thing.

The students have also glazed their pinch pot animal. All artwork will go home before the last day of school!