PE News from Robert - May 1

Currently classes are completing their longest run of the year at two miles. This year's first grade classes have excelled with their running and many have already covered distances greater than or practically AT this distance.

To back up, I have worked with your children to develop their core strength throughout the year. We arrange ourselves in rows and columns on the gym floor for two thirds of the year, using a portion of class for strengthening before our lesson plans. In this final third, we began to jog and build our endurance. We stress 'Pace' not 'Race'. They are told about their hearts being a muscle and how we strengthen our heart. They are also told they will slowly gain the ability to jog for a duration of 2 miles if they build themselves slowly and steadily. The mile run will take place later this month at Duniway Park track. First grade will run on 5/21, a Tuesday. Hu Nan, Ivonne, and Akiko are scheduled between 9:30 and 10:30 with Sophia and Gloria's classes at 12:30. Come out and be part of the fun as a spectator.

In addition to the running, our next lesson plan will be throwing discs, or Frisbees. I will help them to develop the proper hold, trunk coil and uncoil, and if they can, spin on the disc. We finish the unit with a few holes of Disc Golf. I will talk about score including Par, Birdie, Eagle, Bogey, and Double Bogey. This unit keeps us outside and is a lot of fun.