Literacy, Language Acquisition and Learner Profiles in the Library

First graders are allowed to check out two books at a time. The idea is that they will check out one book in English and one in the target language. In my experience, this is a challenge and only intensifies as they grow older and enjoy recreational reading in their native English. Teachers and parents can support target language acquisition through encouraging (or insisting!) students (to) borrow books in the target language during weekly library visits. If you are finding your child is not checking out books in the target language, please feel free to stop by the library and choose some to take home!

This week first graders have been reviewing basic library skills such as broad category genres, finding books using call numbers and colored spine labels, the five-finger rule and more.

The library has been a hub of IB Learner Profile activity all year. This month we studied the attribute Knowledgeable through stories, discussion and the interactive bulletin board in the hallway outside the library. May instruction will focus on the study of learners as Thinkers.

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