I like to Move it, Move it. (Music news from Peter)

First Graders are starting to sound like Second Graders! All year long First Graders have been learning to sing, dance and play music as a part of a group, while stopping to think and consider some of the melodic and rhythmic elements that work together to create the sound. Please visit my new blog to see and hear some moments from music class: musenewstis.blogspot.com/

From the very first day, we have been using creative movement to bring the story of a song or book to life, as a way to think through the length of a song, or as a way to show if the melody goes high or low. During "The North Wind Doth Blow," we represented Wind, Clouds, Snow and Rain through partner movement while others improvised with instruments along with their partner's movements. "Vamos a la Mar" from Guatemala took us into a tropical ocean, swimming high or low like fish during each musical phrase.

Now that May flowers are upon us, we are using our creativity with song and movement to connect with the final Unit of Inquiry, with the central idea being, "people communicate .. through movement." As always, our creative movement work will take the form of games and imaginative play activities, but moving forward we'll be using Laban movement vocabulary words. Music and movement games will highlight Body Parts, Time, Space, Levels, Weight, Locomotion, Flow, Shape, to round out the First Grade creative music experience.

In the past week, the music room has become a colorful exotic flower garden, with flowers that have the most unusual petals and stems - but instead of fragrance, these flowers attract bees with their beautiful voices.