First Grade Art News

The first graders have been tapping into their imaginations for the latest two art projects! For Poetry Month, I introduced them to Maya Angelou’s poem Life Doesn’t Frighten Me (click here to listen as Ms. Angelou recites the poem!). Ms. Angelou’s poem was paired with artwork by Jean-Michel Basquiat. We talked about the fact that fear is a human emotion that everyone feels sometimes. The first graders also learned about the concept of symmetry. They used chalk dipped in white paint to create symmetrical monster faces. Over the course of the next two classes they created a body, arms, and legs for their monsters.

For the next project, the students observed artwork created by Nam June Paik. He uses outdated technology such as old T.V.s and radios to build his creations. First, the students drew a robot design; I suggested that the robot should somehow HELP people, not destroy things! While observing their designs, the students created a final robot using construction paper and found objects.