Art Newsletter from Julie - 11/27

Second graders spent time learning about the concept of RADIAL SYMMETRY. We looked at examples of radial symmetry in nature and art. From the art perspective, we focused on the Tibetan Buddhist mandala. These amazing pieces of artwork are usually created using sand. They are impermanent pieces of artwork; the Buddhist monks who create the sand mandalas eventually dismantle the artwork and pour the sand into a nearby body of water. I showed the second graders a video of this process (click here if you’d like to watch the video!), and they were intrigued. Using glue as a drawing medium, the students designed their own version of a mandala applying the concept of radial symmetry.

The students are currently using red earth clay to create coil pots. The coil method is a ceramic technique that has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures. The coil pot technique is usually used to create functional pottery, or pottery that serves a purpose. The student's ceramic pieces will be fired in the kiln, and the students will have the opportunity to glaze them soon!