10/24/2013 PE 2nd Grade

We have created a nice routine. Students enter the gym, go to their assigned location, we warm up, and strengthen our bodies through exercise. We had our first run around the sidewalks last week. A very good problem to have is saying *'No' *to many students asking to run MORE laps.

We have completed our work on outdoor soccer and have moved onto volley hitting. We are not catching or tossing objects, but we are projecting them to each other. Working in small circles, our goal is to understand that it is not just about keeping objects up and off the ground, but about striking with control and direction (volleying). We are working with balloons and this give students the confidence to control the object. We will move to beach balls soon. A real game of volleyball is not too exciting for the students because there is a lot of standing around and a lot of miss hitting, but I promise to find ways we can work on this skill and have fun doing it!