10/24 2nd Grade Art News

The second graders have been bird crazy! We’ve been very inspired by the artwork of naturalist John James Audubon, and the students created some amazing drawings and paintings. Second grade focused on VALUE in art. They worked to find the light and dark parts of the picture, demonstrating this through observational drawings of many different bird photographs. We also experimented with six different watercolor techniques in a practice painting. Students moved from station to station in the art room to learn about these techniques. Then they were expected to apply at least three of the techniques to a finished watercolor painting of a bird of their choice.

Next, we will take the information the second graders learned through their two-dimensional bird studies and create a three-dimensional bird using earth clay. Combining several different ceramic techniques, the second graders will build their sculptural birds. In the next few weeks, when the ceramic pieces have been fired in the kiln, the students will glaze their creations!