Fifth Grade PE Update

The fifth grade students remain a good, cohesive unit. This class focuses well on objectives, can commit to executing the work, strive to accomplish, and are showing very good responsibility for their selves. We've talked a bit more on the topic of Maintenance Health this year. Making healthy choices with food, exercise, and safety. With the construction taking our outdoor space away, we spend additional time handling basketballs and playing games with strong basketball tie-ins, even when no basketball was used. I was happy to observe good sportsmanship on display during a two-class Bean Bag Toss Tournament. The development exercise has been going very well, the majority of classes do contain a 7 to 9 minute workout followed by a 1/2 mile run. We will not increase this distance until the spring as we prepare for our final timed mile at the end of the year.

Robert Briglia

-- Robert A. Briglia The International School Athletic Director/Instructor