April 3, 2015: PE

The agility and dexterity work we started with jump ropes continued on with juggling.  Fourth grade students are asked to assess on a three scarf cascade style of juggling.  When they accomplish this task they are given juggling balls.  I have taken the opportunity to discuss with them that complex actions are made up of smaller components and the proper flick of the wrist and toss of the ball is vital to master with both hands before smooth juggling can be accomplished.  Usually at this point I will also talk about the 4 lap, 'half-mile' we have been running for quite a while now as our 'smaller component' of the mile run training we are now embarking upon.

I put them through some paces using agility ladders, coaches of many various sports will (or already have) make their own introductions to agiltily training using the rope ladders.  For fourth grade, I string two ladders together lengthwise and discuss the fatigue factor in performance and the 'vertigo' aspect of looking at equal sized box after box as they traverse the length of the ladders performing varying complex steps, jumps, and hops.  I stress performing and concentrating throughout the whole ladder and can point out mistake after mistake occurring near the end of the run.  They strive to perform accurately, then speed up, all the while staying in balance and under control.

The major activity now until May 19th or 20th will be training for our mile run.  We will progress with stamina and endurance training until they reach a two mile run.  Then they will run a series of shorter runs with varying recovery time in-between to increase their wind capacity.

Now would be an EXCELLENT time to acquire new running shoes for your child.  We will be putting the miles in, and the arch support, heel support, and cushioning factor will be well worth the costs.

Robert Briglia

2-5 PE Specialist