Feb 22, 2015: Art

Weaving Unit:
Our most recent unit on Weaving is nearly complete! The students are in the process of learning how to take their weavings off the loom successfully. They focused on making aesthetic choices regarding pattern, color and texture. Some chose to create a design inspired by a natural landscape while others made a weaving that evolved as they went through the process.

I was impressed with how well the students did right from the beginning; especially knowing that almost no students had ever done any weaving before! They learned three different weaving techniques: rya knots, dovetail and regular or plain weaving. The fourth graders got to see amazing examples of traditional weaving from around the globe. They also learned about a specific fiber artist who makes African Kente Cloth with the help of his family. Each day they also observed a wide variety of contemporary weavings as inspiration for their own designs.

Grading/Assessment (Please Read All Info):
After each project, the students always fill out an evaluation sheet that helps them assess to what extent they achieved a variety of requirements during the course of the unit. Having these evaluations is a great way (in addition to their artwork) to assess students understanding of concepts and help them to be aware of on being kind, safe and helpful. The evaluations also give me a chance to learn more about the student's thoughts on how well they did during a specific unit.

This week, the fourth graders used our Art iPads to fill out an overall self-evaluation that relates directly to the parameters used on the Art portion of the report cards. (see image examples) We have been working to further develop our grading system to make the information more relevant and meaningful to the students. The Art, Music and P.E. teachers have incorporated descriptions of what the grading parameters mean from a student's perspective. This clear, uncomplicated language is helping them assess their current performance level while connecting to the AGN, D, M, E Scale.
Additional Growth Needed: It's hard, but maybe I'm still not trying enough
Developing: Practicing it feels awkward, but I'm getting the hang of it!
Meeting: I can do this! Consistently!
Exceeding: I don't have to think about it. Now it comes naturally.

Upcoming Unit/Field Trip:

Our next unit will be Modern and Contemporary Art, which ties into the content we will focus on for our Portland Art Museum field trip. Thanks so much to all the volunteers who have signed up. Because of you, we now have enough volunteers to make the trip happen! If you receive an email from Meredith Fleming, please be sure to update your paperwork in the next few days so there is time for information to be processed at least a week prior to the trip on March 11th. Please keep an eye out for some new 4th grade student artwork in Stearns Hall early next week. Feel free to contact me if you want to volunteer to help hang artwork sometime!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Harpole
Art Specialist