5/5: Our Mile Run

A mile distance is not a distance you can 'cram' for at the last minute, the body has to be developed to sustain a strong output over the course of that distance. The bulk of our running training is already behind us. Repeated exposures to distances of a mile, climbing to a maximum distance of two miles were accomplished by an extreme majority of students in every grade level.

With stamina and endurance in place, the next stage is to build the wind capacity and recovery capacity, through shorter, quicker, repeatable run distances. We embark on 1/2 mile repeats and 1/4 mile repeats mainly for the next three class periods. That is all the time I have left with them before our mile run.

Please take note of your child's PE days and have then wear the proper equipment. I have had some students borrow other students running shoes to keep them safe and protected. I did this twice so far this year, once in third grade.

As time allows, we are playing some disc golf and working to understand scoring relating to Par.

Coach Robert