Who Has Seen the Notation?

Third Graders are in a creative zone these days

Christina Rossetti's poem, "Who Has Seen the Wind?" served as rhythmic material for small group collaboration.  Each group followed the form of the poem, AABC, to create their own group movement representation of a word that describes the movement of wind.  They came up with movement words such as "Swirling, Flowing, Twirling, Twisting, Blowing, Trembling" and then worked in groups of four to create a kinesthetic movement routine that embodies one of those words.  Their movements had to follow the AABC form, and then the rest of the class guessed which movement word they used as inspiration.  As with all classroom creations, the audience practiced their responses to creative work by others using our system of peer critique called "Stars and Wishes."  Something we especially liked, and then something we would have liked to see or hear performed a little differently.  The performing group can then take some of those suggestions and fine tune their performance as they see fit.

They then used the second verse of the poem to compose a new melody using graphic line contour notation.  Their system of line notation had to be easily read by everyone in their group on soprano recorder using 4 notes- E GAB.  Once they accomplished this, and performed their new composition for the class, they then transcribed their melody to traditional staff notation.