"Cat gut, rosin, and horse hair are all natural resources!"

We reviewed the four families of the orchestra, and listened to them highlighted in the repertoire we'll hear.

Reflections on hearing "Machine" by Jennifer Higdon:

"It sounds like someone is late for a meeting."-Emmy "A battle scene from some kind of story." -Leanne

"It sounds like a giant attacking a city, and all the people were running away."-Kate

"Like a tornado is coming and all the people are trying to fight it, but it's too strong."-Grace

"Birds are crossing the street and all the cars are honking"-Lucia

"Piano belongs to two families, strings and percussion." Ayana

"Cat gut, rosin, and horse hair are all natural resources!" - Grace

"Your little brother is not a percussion instrument!"- John

Composers we will hear at the concert include Jennifer Higdon, Edvard Grieg, Felix Mendelssohn, Richard Wagner, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Aaron Copland.

We have also been exploring notation for recorders, practicing reading traditional staff notation as well as drawing melodic contours for a known melody as a step toward transcribing the melody. "You can just sort of figure it out." -Karuna.

The music room SMART board and iPad combo has been in heavy rotation as a useful interactive tool - as long as we make sure that we are always smarter than the screen.

Here's an example of student depictions of a 4-tone minor melody set to the poem, "Who has seen the wind?" The graphic depictions show pitch and duration within four phrases. This is a preparatory activity for our music connection to the Symbols UOI, in which we will experience and invent alternative forms of representing music through visual gestures and symbols.

http://musenewstis.blogspot.com: Recorder lending form can be found on my blog as well as selections for recorder practice.