3rd grade PE: 2/20/14

We close now to finishing up playing Floor Hockey. We talked about the classification of game that hockey belongs to (Invasion Game) and which other games fall into this category and why.

One of the more salient points about these types of games is the need to quickly and frequently switch between offense and defense. As a teaching tool, hockey is illustrative to students in getting them to move more quickly and aggressively into proper offensive and defensive positions.

I hope a few of you parents have heard from your child about a play they may have made or assisted; a goal they made or prevented; or, another occurrence during hockey that they had surprised and pleased themselves. If all of you could see what I see during the course of the class; the subtle and not so subtle occurrences when they do make that extra effort to get to a position they see-or I bark at them to get into...and they have success because of what THEY did while there...such pride and joy they exhibit. Those Ah Ha moments are a very powerful force of enlightenment.