Dec 5,2014: Art

Fourth grade students have started our second Unity of Inquiry, Art and Color Theory. Our central idea is that Color plays an important role in the design of visually pleasing artwork. Students have reviewed primary and secondary colors and are also learning this year about tertiary colors.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • constructing a work of art that focuses on the art elements color, shape and space and the principles of emphasis and movement.
  • interpreting basic connections within the color wheel to further recognize how color is used in our daily lives
  • evaluating how to make adjustments in the value of a color along a scale

The unit started with a color wheel assignment that challenged students to use only primary colors to mix secondary and tertiary colors. Using only Blue, Red and Yellow colored pencils, students to had to think about applying more or less pressure and slowing building up layers to achieve small differences between colors. Until now, the students have had practice mixing paint but had not yet used colored pencils to mix colors. They were mesmerized by the the fact that colored pencils can blend so well. :)
    Next, we painted to practice creating color value scales. The students now understand the difference between a tint and a shade and have improved their skills in accurately changing a color to make it become gradually lighter and darker. We started with tempera paint as practice. For the final value scales, we have moved to a higher quality acrylic paint. The students will design a modified version of a color wheel that focuses on the Art Elements of Line, Space and Color and will stress the Design Principles of Emphasis and Movement.
    This is the first project at TIS that they are using acrylic paints! They have been taught about how acrylic paint is almost impossible to get out of clothes once it is dry and are being heavily encouraged to wear an art shirt. I have encouraged them to bring an old, loose fitting shirt from home. The shirts are very worn out and not very appealing to them. Many students are opting not to wear one lately which means their clothes will likely be coming home with stains. Please remember that getting messy is part of the creative process and also an important part of just being a kid! Feel free to send a shirt or two to donate so we can update our supply.
If you haven't had a chance to come see our Cave art, please hurry into Stearns Hall soon! It will be coming to down early next week to make room for the 5th Grade Architecture blueprints.

Remember to please Donate Art Shirts if you have any! Feel free to contact me if you need volunteer hours and would like to spend some time helping hang artwork and organizing supplies.

Sarah Harpole
Art Specialist