1/17: Music

Third Graders are developing their ability to play their independent parts, while matching tempo, and listening and communicating across the musical space for cues from other sections. Listening for ensemble tempo, dynamic balance within each section, and orienting repeating pattern within the meter while simultaneously playing is a higher level skill than that of a metronomic soloist.

They are learning to identify and perform 2 complementary layers of harmonic accompaniment over a pentatonic melody played in 2-part canon, all the while anticipating the changes of the agreed upon form. Please visit my blog, for an audio recording of a third grade class performing their arrangement of the Orff piece "Ding Dong Diggidiggi Dong."

They have been introduced to the rhythmic figure of 'syncopa,' a syncopated rhythm, and they are able to read and perform its notation within various 4-beat rhythm combinations. Our rhythm reading game, Hotspot, requires that each student respond independently when their unique rhythm card is called. The coming weeks will be filled with reading and playing melodic notation on soprano recorder.