Third Grade Art News 9/2013

Each year I like to start off creating a collaborative project involving all students! This year, the project began with a story about butterflies. In this Native American myth, if an individual catches a butterfly in a gentle, caring way, he or she can whisper a wish to the butterfly. According to the story, the butterfly will soar to the heavens and tell the gods the wish, and the wish will be more likely to come true! Every student in grades 1-5 designed a symmetrical butterfly. Wrapped up in the scroll-like body of each butterfly is a wish that the student made for the new school year. Come see these butterflies fluttering around Stearns Hall in the next few weeks!

In third grade each student started creating a sketchbook that will be used to record ideas and practice drawing all year long. In a whole-class discussion we talked about the many reasons WHY artists create sketchbooks. I showed the students examples of sketchbooks by different artists so they could see how unique each artist approaches using this tool for generating ideas. We are engaging in a basic book binding technique to make our books. Each third grader is drawing a representative image on the front cover of his/her sketchbook and choosing one adjective to describe him/herself.