PE 3rd Grade 9/2013

We are into our first set of lesson plans. This is after a nice reintroduction of various activities including jump rope (Double Dutch practice this year), hula hoops, foam frisbees, scoop balls, and tag games and a game of dodgeball. These activities were covered during our 40 yard dash and standing broad jump measurements. The first lesson plans are in the game of soccer. As I tell all my classes, soccer at TIS is a happy medium between students who play almost year round, and students who only play the sport during TIS PE classes. For third grade we go over the newest rule of offsides. Originally added to the game of soccer in the 1840's. I have heard this rule was a way to combat laziness, commonly referred to today as cherry picking. I also instruct on the two-hand behind the head, and over the head sideline throw-in technique. If one can take a couple running steps prior to the throw, the better. As I also being my conditioning and strengthening of their core strength, I work in a talk about the triceps muscles. We pay direct attention to this muscle with an exercise in class. Bonus points if your child can tell and demonstrate to you the exercise that strengthens this muscle.