Dec. 5: Library News

In December we will be focusing on the IB Learner Profile attribute "Open-Minded":

We critically appreciate our own cultures and personal histories, as well as the values and traditions of others. We seek and evaluate a range of points of view, and we are willing to grow from the experience. (IBO 2013)

The TIS Library will host a project for grades K-5 which will involve learning about a culture, holiday or tradition other than one’s own. Expect your child to bring home a book on a subject ranging from Hanukkah to a mobile library carried on the back of a burro in Colombia. After the student has read and reflected on the book, he/she will cut out a snowflake and write on it his/her name and the culture, holiday or tradition read. This project is designed to foster international-mindedness, cross-cultural respect and open-mindedness.

Please turn these snowflakes into the Librarian or hang them yourself on the snowflake display outside the library.

Overdue book notices will be sent home in January! Have a wonderful Winter Break!