Couldn't we be more like that wise old bird?

A Wise Old Owl Sat on an Oak the more she heard the less she spoke the less she spoke the more she heard: Couldn't we be more like that Wise Old Bird?

The music room was magically transformed into a subtropical rainforest. Just before sunrise, as the rain began to fall, the first bird call began the daily dawn chorus:

In preparation, using only the head joint of our new recorders, we explored its vast sonic possibilities by changing the chamber size and shape for pitch variation, as well as articulation. The forest birds discussed the parameters of this exercise, arriving at an agreement that in a real forest, birds with similar calls are actually quiet most of the time, listening and responding to each other across long distances. The less we speak, the more we hear.

We scattered throughout the room, closed our eyes, listened for the rain to signal the beginning of the day, and were transported by our skillful listening, and imagination.

 For an audio excerpt of a Third Grade dawn chorus, please visit my blog.