We moved on from soccer and picked up our beach balls to begin working on volley skills. No throwing, tossing, or catching, volley hitting requires control while striking, body movements to get into position to strike, and quick decision making to know whether to strike underhanded or overhanded.

Working in small groups, we stood and sat in a circle formation and attempted to volley the ball around to others with the rule of no double hitting, no hitting to the person who just hit to you, and no letting the ball bounce on the ground. It became clear that we had to think about directing our volleys to the right people with the right amount of force.

In a game situation, coach asked us to volley three times before we hit it over the net to the other side. Then the other side has to hit it over the net three times before they can return it to us. Points are given for the three hits and return over the net. He says he is showing us teamwork in action. Because I can't hit it more than once in a row, my team mates HAVE to help me. We are rotating around after every play so everyone is getting a chance to volley the beach ball. We are continuing our daily work outs and now he is letting us run one lap around the running circuit. Man, only one lap! Some of us complain, but for now, that's fine.