Reading Challenge Nov. 4, 2013-Feb. 7, 2014

Friends, foe, and fun reading challenge:

This year the reading challenge theme is designed to support and bring awareness to our school-wide initiative on peer aggression. Participation is optional but highly encouraged. Your child has been given a book list, instructions and a book card. Each student must read six books from the appropriate grade-level list. Each book read must be recorded on a book card and returned to the library by February 7, 2014.

Multiple copies of the books are available in the TIS Library, at your local library or bookstore. Students may read books on their own or with adult assistance. All participating students will create an art piece for the Potato Museum (Feb, 20, 2014) based on the character/s in one of the books. Yes, use real potatoes! Please see examples here below and let your imaginations go wild!