March 21, 2019

Capstone 2019: Student Voices

Beck: My host student took me out to a lot of places. One of my favorite one was a park and also walking on a famous bridge. One the weekend, we went to the mall and went shopping. There were so much fun stuff, like virtual reality. It was so fun to play with my host student and then we got to eat steam dumplings. The next day I got to go to school and meet a lot of new friends. The best class in school is PE class. We had so much fun together. I had my birthday during homestay week, my host mom celebrated my birthday for me, also my teacher brought me a birthday cake on the last day of school which made this experience even more special for me. It was very sad to say goodbye to everyone, but it was a fabulous experience. 


Naomi: At times I felt homesick, but all of the time I spent at SEES was full of fun and interesting experiences. I saw how our schools were both similar and different. It was very nice of my host family to show me around Suzhou, but I had a challenging time understanding their Suzhou dialect. Two highlights were making dumplings at a friend’s house and visiting a boarding school in WuJiang. At the end of my homestay week, I was happy to have made new friends.


Finnley: when I was with my host student we did a lot of things like we had traditional Chinese dinner, we picked strawberries, we went to a silk museum, we had a lot of school and it was long every day because I missed my family. But all in all, it was a great and unforgettable experience.




Mei: The week I was at my host family house, I felt very welcomed. They warmly welcomed me to their home and their family. All of their family members included me in their activities. When we went to school, all of Kitty’s (my host student) classmates were welcomeing me at school. They shared their stories with me. They also asked us a lot of questions. We (Karen, Ben and me) all felt included and made a lot of new friends in our new class. I had a great experience in my host school and with my host family. 


Lyra: The time with my host student was so awesome. The first thing we did was going to a Street. On the street, we got Starbucks drinks. I got a black tea with whip cream, it was so good. Then I got a bracelet that had a crown on it.  My host family also took me to an awesome garden, it was called Humble Administrator’s Garden. I loved there, it was so beautiful. I loved going school with my host student and making more friends in class. They were so nice to me. It was so sad to say goodbye to everyone! But our friendship will continue. 


Harper: On Sunday, we had a fun day. We went to a place that called the cowboy club and the first thing we did was horse back riding. After this, we did a paddle boat which was also really fun but very slow. After that, we went bike riding for a little while and then we had an amazing lunch. I love being with my host family.


Nicky: At my host family’s house the beds are hard and I don’t really get a good sleep. But I’m fine. Our first dinner was in a mall, the waiter cut a duck right in front of me. And in the school, I made a lot of new friends. My favorite thing to do everyday is going back to Jason’s (my host student) house and watching Chinese movies with him.