March 15, 2018

Capstone 2018: Student Reflections

“I am having a great time here with my host student and her family. We had a lot of fun! We always have AMAZING meals. Back in American, we became good friends very fast. Every night, we came out with Weilan and her host friend, Macy. I even became very good friend with Macy. The other night, we went ice-skating together. It was so FUN!” – Isabel

“I had a wonderful time at my host family’s house. My exchange student named Helen, was a great host and was very good to me. She introduced me to all of her friends and made sure that I was happy. My host mom and dad were also very nice, thoughtful and kind. My host mom was VERY warm hearted and taught me lots of new stuff. She even taught me some words in “Suzhou accent”. My host dad also taught me lots of things about Chinese history. Overall, I have a wonderful time learning, playing and making new friends.” Soe

“I had a great time with my exchange student. We played a lot with her friends too. I made lots of new friends as well. Obviously, living at a “stranger’s” home you don’t fee at home, that’s the only hard part every one goes through. But, after all I had a pretty good time. My exchange student is very friendly and has a bunch of friends. The host mom always wants to make sure I’m ok. And the host dad also treats me very well.” – Weilan

“My host student was very nice and would do or give me anything I need. I had a great time playing and seeing the new and old Suzhou with him and hope to come back one day again, and even if I won’t, I will still never forget him.” – Alexander

“These few days have been very fun. I have felt homesick before but not at his house. He is very good at drawing and he never complains. I have felt many feelings, like: happy, excited and a little anxious. I wish I could come to China and meet with him again in the future. I will never forget my friend.” – Carson

“So far it has been a lovely experience for me. But I think it is a bit strange to not be with my mom and my dad for a whole week. My host family was very welcoming and SEES (my school in China) was very fun to attend. I think this will be my favorite experience of my TIS years.” – Bella

“My host friend was very nice to me. He helps me and does stuff that I need for me. He and his family take care of me very well. I really like my host friend. I really enjoy playing soccer, basketball and volleyball with him. I also really like to play video games with him, which is really cool. I would like to say thank you to my host friend and his entire family.” Kais

“I had a lovely time with my homestay. My favorite part of the trip in Suzhou with my host student was going on a boat and boating on the biggest lake in China. I also made a ton od new friends, like, Helen, Macy, Cindy, Elsa, and finally my very own host friend Kitty. But of course I got a little home sick, but only a little bit. Overall, it was an amazing experience, I have had a great time.” – Mona

“I really enjoyed staying at their house (it is super big). They were very welcoming. Their food is good. They let me share room with Yixuan. They also let me watch movies! I wish I could stay at their house again. They are very nice. They do what I want. They always ask what I want to do before making decisions. They are very nice!!” – Alan

“When I am at my host student’s house I feel very happy and excited everyday. I have learned new things and go to different places. I have been making a lot of new friends. My host family is very nice and they love having me here. I hope I could meet them again and I hope I can do this next year again.” – Alex

“The people I am staying with are very nice. They take me do good restaurants and interesting museums. Sam (my “xiao huo ban”) is very considerate because he always asks if I understand when someone is speaking Chinese. When I first got to their house, I was very home sick but they were so nice and kind to me that I got over that. All in all, I am having a really good time.” – William

“My host experience has been okay. My host friend sometimes needs to work on his attitude a little bit, so I remind him to be kind. My host dad is really nice, he always asks me what I want, and wants me to try different kinds of food. My host mom is the kindest mom. She is very happy and flexible all of the time. He also has a little brother. He is very nice, funny and cute. I also enjoy my time with him a lot.” – Jalen