March 16, 2018

Capstone 2018: Student Reflections Part 2

“Hello, my name is Micah and my exchange student’s name is Ben. Ben is nice, calm, fun, happy and athletic. He almost has the same traits as me. The only problem is he is almost 2 years old than me. The day I got here, we went to his house and check it out and put my stuff away. Then we went to eat American food. The next day was one of the most exciting day because it was the weekend. On the weekend they do really fun stuff like: go play pool and eat amazing food.

I do think everyone should have this awesome experience. Like how everyone at TIS will be able to go.
PS. I hope you every child at TIS will have a great time at their homestay.” – Micah
“I think my exchange student is cool because he and his family are very nice. We went to Chinese Disney land(Ferris wheel, speedboat). We also played ping pong at chill which was pretty fun. We ate dumplings, noodles, soup, waffles, and more. So all that said I had a fun time.” – Nigel
“My host buddy is really nice and patient with me, his name is 许景徉。he had a sister who is about four years old. They took me to a place that served chicken feet. It was a lot more tasty than I had imaged. My host buddy enjoys playing with runic cubes at all shapes and sizes. His dad also introduced me to a movie, which is translated. I think the title says” The kings speech” My host buddy also had a lot of pets including a mouse, some fish and two parrots. I will never forget my host buddy and family’s kindness.” – Jieming
“When I arrived at my host family’s apartment, I was full of happiness, anxiety, excitement, sadness and joy. He has got me so many things, and he had brought me to some of Suzhou’s famous and amazing places like Lion Forest  Botanical Garden. I have learned so much information, and I want to thank him. My visit to Suzhou will forever be printed in my mind.” – Ennio
 “I kind of miss home because today is my sister’s birthday and I want to call her. But overall it has been awesome and I didn’t think of home at all. The extra classes are really fun! I am doing flower arranging. My host mom makes the best Chinese food I have ever had. My host family is so nice to me. If I don’t know how to say something in Chinese, they will use  a translate app to help me or we will play some sort of charade so they can guess what I am saying. I really like my host family.” – Cookie
“I think my host student is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. She is very funny. I also like her mom because she makes really good food. My host student plays with me a LOT. She makes a lot of Chinese jokes with me and she also likes monkey king. She also like sour stuff like me. Both she and I love cats and kitties. I gave her a cat stuff animal and I hope to see her again.” – Mia

“When I stayed with my host family we stayed in a small apartment with their really big family (Dad, Mom, the baby brother, my host student and the Grandmother). During my stay they spoiled me by taking me on adventures and buying me gifts. The Dad took Tony and I to school every morning and the mother always picked us up.

I did not enjoy the Chinese food but my host family always made sure I was fed well and would treat me to American food. One morning for breakfast they even fed me cake!  I truly enjoyed making memories with my host family and someday I hope to go back for a visit!” – Beau

“In Suzhou, Richard’s family has been very nice. On the first day we went to the house and ate dinner with dad. On the second day we went to a fun museum. On the third day, we went to school. On the forth day, we went to Shantang street and I made my own cotton candy. ” – Patrick 
“As a guest at 孙’s family, I felt a warm welcoming feeling. Everyday it was full of adventures and excitements. The school week was wonderful.” – Natali 
“I think my host buddy is nice. I like her little brother. He is very funny and cute. We went to her school and it was very big. I also learned that they are very strikes about things that’s not the same in America. I like crd that my host family brought me to a lot of places and tells me about the place. I also thought it was a little weird waking up in Chiba and seeing’s my teacher at the school.” – Ani
“In the SEES school, there are a lot to people. The school had a lot of property. The school, laoshi and kids are all really nice. When you are walking around the school, they kind stare at you. My partner is really nice. She takes me to a lot of fun places. I will definitely come back here again!” – Gwen
Me and my exchange student have had a really great time together. Her name is Shen Zhouye, or as I call her Lucky. We went to a big park. I met her friends and we did a lot of fun things. I don’t  want to leave my exchange student.” – Sidonie 

“To get to Suzhou me and my class mates all rode a TWO HOUR bus from Shanghai. My Suzhou host Buddy’s name was Kevin Hu. Kevin lives in Suzhou, China with his mom, dad and grandma. Kevin likes to play the drums in his basement. In March 2018 I stayed at his house for six days.

Kevin’s mom woke us up at around 8:00 every morning and would set out apples and fruit and even some CAKE! Kevin’s mom made a lot of good food for dinner as well like steak and rice and noodles.

Here is a list of all the great things that I did with Kevin and his family during my week in Suzhou: Saturday, we went on a boat ride. Sunday, we went to the Suzhou museum. Monday, we went to a movie. Tuesday, we went and played laser tag. Wednesday, we went for a walk in the park. Thursday, we ate dinner with Mica. Friday, my mom came to China. I forget when but we also went to the greatest trampoline and cheese pit place that has ever been. On Monday-Friday me and Kevin went to the Suzhou Experimental Elementary School [ SEES] for school. My favorite class was recycling class in which we took old stuff and made cool stuff. I got stuck in sixth grade because Kevin was a SIXTH grader!!!! This made it a lot harder. when it was to hard I read a book. The school had a very nice running track with THREE basketball courts!!!!

The last thing we did at SEES was a scavenger hunt for “school landmarks”. We took SECOND place!!!! The lunch was mostly rice yogurt and meet with the occasional French fries. Me and Kevin went to school in Kevin’s dad’s car, I understand that he sometimes goes to school on his mom’s motor bike. In Suzhou all motor bikes haft to be electric, it’s a law. Suzhou is so pretty with all the lakes and the canals now that I was kind of sad that I had to go.” – Aaron Thiers