March 15, 2017

Capstone 2017: Student Reflections

I like the school. It has a lots of cool programs, and you don’t have to bring lunch. The homestay was fun. I haven’t eaten any American food yet. I’ve had a good time. We picked strawberries, and they tasted great. We went shopping and I bought a stuffed dolphin. They have weird food like ostrich eggs, stinky tofu, and a gigantic spiky fruit that is bigger than any watermelon. – Lex

I was very excited for capstone. Now that we are in China, i am even more excited to go to homestay. My host student and her parents are very nice. Capstone is one of the most exciting moment of my life. I think Capstone has been a great experience.  – Eden

I like the restaurants in China. I like staying at the host students’ house. I like the hotel breakfast. I like the movies in China. I like the cake in China.  – Aidan

I liked the Chinese food we ate at home. I liked trying the new food, not too many sweets. The classes are fun! And I saw a panda at a park. I also get a stiffen animal panda. I was holding a bamboo stick. I went on a boat ride, it was very fun! I also went to a bouncy trampoline place. – Nola

So far, my feeling about this school is that it is very different from my school, The international school. I feel very welcomed at this school, because the students are very nice to me. The host family makes me feel at home, so I don’t often feel home sick. I love my host family and school. I hope to come again.  – Weilai

My experience with my host family has been great. They treat me like family and take me to get a feel for China. So far I’ve gone shopping at markets, went to a bookstore, went to a Karaoke place, and I am having lots of traditional Chinese food. The school is very nice. The students show me where to go and have given me a lot of gifts. I’m very excited for what comes next. – Priya

My host family has been very nice to me, it has been a great experience. The food has been very good as well. I have had a lot of fun with my host family. They are very kind to me. They have taken me to a lot of cool places and tried new food. They have taken me to a boat touring, shops, and a lot of other places. It has been very fun. – Olivia

I love the homestay. I like trying all the new foods. It’s very fun seeing how Chinese people live. – Ryder