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Capstone Study Abroad Parent Resources

This page updated regularly with information for 5th grade parents. Contact Capstone Coordinator, Meredith Fleming with questions or comments ( or 503-226-2496 ext. 118)

Capstone 2018 Details & Resources for 5th grade parents

 15 Marzo 2017
Entrevista con Alumnos de Oregon que Estan por Intercambio en la Modelo,Maria Fernanda Manjaraz Marquez,Raquel Maxwell,Jack Armstrony,Renata Borreguin Ortega,Sabine Statheit,Lluvia Perez Cetina
Foto Carlos De La Cruz

Official Program Dates*: March 8 - 23, 2018

  • Spanish Track: Depart Portland by March 8th

  • Chinese/Japanese Track: Depart Portland by March 7th

Students and responsible chaperones are required to be in the host city during the official program dates

Upcoming deadlines & events:

  • September 21, 5:30-7:30pm: 5th grade Curriculum Night- Japanese Track
  • September 22: Majority of Capstone Required Documents Due!
  • October 13 (China/Mexico): Deadline to contact travel agent (Laura Forrest) to make changes to student's & accompanying family members' international flight itinerary
  • October 27 (China/Mexico): Deadline to contact travel agent to book seats for accompanying family members on group itinerary
  • December 1, 2017: Air Travel Affidavit Due (see below)  

Required Participation Documents:

All Capstone Required documents are available to complete online through DocuSign (New in 2018!).  (Parents look for an email from on 9/5/17 with a link to the documents to be completed).

  • Due September 22, 2017 (9 items): 1) Student Participation Form, 2) Chaperone Responsibility Form, 3) Waiver for Family Members, 4) Hotel & Activity Package, 5) Confidential Student Health History, 6) U.S. Emergency Contact Form, 7) Passports for All Travelers, 8) Health Insurance Info for All Travelers, 9) Travel Form. 
  • Due December 1, 2017: Air Travel Affidavit (must be notarized) - only required if both parents/guardians will NOT travel with the student on outbound and inbound flights.
  • Due February 22, 2018: In-Country Responsible Chaperone Contact Information Form    

International Flight Booking Process:

All student flights will be arranged and purchased by TIS through the school designated travel agent(s). Pre or post program travel extensions can be arranged by contacting  the travel agent directly. Parents will be responsible for costs incurred for changes to student travel arrangements. Parent chaperones and accompanying family members may purchase through the agent or on their own. All Capstone participant travel plans must be communicated in writing to the Capstone Coordinator.

Travel Agent Contact Information:

China & Mexico: Laura Forrest, World Travel Inc. | Phone: 503-636-9933 | Email:

Japan: Yukiko Sakamoto Lee, IACE Travel | Phone: 206-464-1100 | Email:

International Flight Itineraries: 


China Trip Group Itinerary: Delta Airlines (Book through Laura Forrest at World Travel)

  • 3/7/18 PDX - SEA (Group will be split for flight to Seattle)
  • 3/7/18 SEA – PVG: DL#589, Arrive 6:30pm (March 8)
  • 3/23/18 PEK – SEA: DL#128, Depart 11:55am
  • 3/23/18 SEA – PDX: DL#1461, Arrive 12:40pm

Estimated cost: $1,263* (Guaranteed base fare: $838, $375 estimated tax/fuel – subject to change until ticketing, $50 ticketing fee)

Mexico Trip Group Itinerary: United Airlines (Book through Laura Forrest at World Travel)

  • 3/8/18 PDX - IAH United #2082, Depart 5:10AM
  • 3/8/18 IAH - MID United #1426, Arrive 7:04PM
  • 3/23/18 MID-IAH United #1427, Depart 7:05AM
  • 3/23/18 IAH-PDX United #1884, Arrive 9:10PM

Estimated cost: $1,024 (Guaranteed base fare: $849, $140 estimated tax/fuel – subject to change, $35 ticketing fee)

Japan Trip Group Itinerary: Delta Airlines (Book through Yukiko Sakamoto at IACE Travel)

  • 3/7/18 PDX - SEA Alaska #2040, Depart 9:05AM
  • 3/7/18 SEA - NRT Delta #167, Depart 11:49AM
  • 3/8/18 NRT - CTS JL#3049, Arrive 8:30PM
  • 3/23/18 NRT - PDX Delta#068, Depart 5:30PM, Arrive 10:51AM 

Estimated Cost: $1,255




Host Schools:

  • Spanish Track: Escuela Modelo, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico (10th year visiting)
  • Japanese Track: Takadai Elementary School, Chitose, Hokkaido, China (7th year visiting)
  • Chinese Track: Suzhou Experimental Elementary School, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China (4th year visiting)


Capstone 2017 for reference:

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Itineraries 2017:



Questions? Contact: Capstone Coordinator, Meredith Fleming (503-226-2496, ext 118;; or Head of School, Robert Woods (503-226-2496)