December 13, 2017

First Grade Collaborative artwork- Window design

Hello, parents! Considering the fact that this is the last week before break – Usually quite hectic – I am impressed with how calm and considerate the students are with each other as they work with a partner to design  tinted windows.

Our current window situation is a bit drab….good thing first graders are experimenting with colors for this project!

Each student started on his or her own, making a design. Then they were assigned a partner and instructed to add elements of both designs into a new sheet of paper.

The guidelines were very clear: Both partners deserved to have their opinions heard; each of the partners was responsible for drawing the  new design, and  both of the partners had to add elements of his or her design to the final plan.

So far,  their hard work is definitely amazing. We will have beautiful “stained glass” windows in the art room soon!

Have safe and happy holidays and see you in 2018!