Alumni of The International School in all grades and stages of life continue to stay connected with the TIS community as a resource for future endeavors.  We aim to be a clearinghouse of opportunities and ideas to nurture life-long fluency and global citizenry.

Ways to Connect

Return to campus as a TIS volunteer: what better way to use your language and pass on cultural education that working with young ones still advancing their language skills!

Join the conversation: Former students and parents are invited to join a private message board (via Facebook) to connect and post questions, answers, and advice on topics such as continued language fluency, opportunities for promoting global citizenry, volunteer opportunities, tutoring thoughts and ideas, job and college resources, etc.  To be added to the group, please email

Employment opportunities: Are you beginning your journey into the work force?  Start it right where your education started: at TIS!  Click here for more information on employment opportunities within the TIS community.

Are you an alumni student or parent who is looking for something you don’t see? Contact Lisa Olivares at or 503-226-2496 x116.